• The elephants in the classroom – and the teacher who conquered them


    Other elephants in our classroom were figurative, silent but unmistakable. Like that I was too thin, and came to school without a bath, scarf or mittens. Teachers today who long to make a difference can take heart. It’s been more than 30 years since I was that girl but I still remember the elephants and the unforgettable impact of a dedicated teacher.

  • Eau de Toilet: The Fragrance of My Youth

    By far, our house was the biggest freebie we got.

    The old Alcona Garage on Highway 11, with its two stories of living quarters above, was being torn down. Dad asked the owners, “Mind if I take your upstairs?”


    (published on Medium, Apr 7, 2020) The hardest part of writing is my inner editor. I named her Darla. She’s kinda mean, and she doesn’t have a crea...