Regan Nuqui
I’m an Accountant and a writer, which is very Jekyll/Hyde. My analytical, left brain likes configuring software, doing calculus and ruthlessly editing anything written by my creative right brain. My grey cells on the right have named the left “Darla” for no reason at all. This drives Darla mad as she insists there’s a reason for everything.

All of me grew up in rural Stroud, Ontario in a profoundly poor family. We looked like the Waltons, only with more kids and less money. On the plus side, I learned to chop wood and once I helped put out a grass fire before it reached some old dynamite. I was about 7 or 8 when I started writing a romance novel. It was before I knew or cared about boys, which made some scenes a wee awkward. After about 100 pages, Darla threw it out, calling it “sheer drivel.”

Later, I went to university for Accounting. My English professors took me out and asked me to change my major. You should have seen Darla’s face. “How will an English degree pay the bills?” she asked. We compromised and while I got a BComm (Accounting), I also took a dozen writing courses. Once, while living in Timmins, Ontario, Darla taught a Business English course at Northern College. Besides publishing various essays and short stories over the years, in late 2018, I started writing a middle grade mystery series called Uncommon Cora. Its tentative release date is 2021-ish.

Oh, and I live in Mississauga with my husband Edberto who makes me laugh. In a good way.