Uncommon Cora Mystery Series

Who is Cora and what makes her Uncommon?

For one thing, she skipped Grade 1. And 4. Also 6. Last June she graduated from Grade 8 and went straight into Grade 10 at Clarkson High. The only thing longer than her gym shorts is the matching t-shirt. All the teenagers act like she’s not there, totally invisible, as if she’s in some fairy tale where only people who believe can see her.

The other uncommon thing about Cora is that when she was 6 she was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD for short) and Anxiety. Hers is the Just Right kind of OCD where everything needs to be symmetrical. Yes, that's really a thing, and it's her thing so give her a minute while she makes sure her socks are exactly equal. And her sleeves, shoelaces, hair and well, do you mind not staring? Anyway, since she hates odd numbers, she was six for a whole year and a half until she could say she was 'almost 8'. Right now she's almost 12. See how that works? 

As she would tell you, “I don’t make the rules in my head, I just follow them.” 

What’s the first book called?

Uncommon Cora and the World's Ugliest Painting

What’s it about?

Cora had her OCD/Anxiety disorders under control (mostly). Then her flighty, single mom Babs ran off to find some awful artist named Alfie, leaving Cora alone with her brother and a new OCD tick that has Cora’s feet tapping like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Finding Alfie is the key to getting her mom back before anyone discovers she left her kids alone. What better way to find someone than on social media? Two perfectly-perfect Instagram influencers pitch in to help Cora’s post go viral. If only she had known there were criminals after Alfie’s artwork, too! Following them, is a cop who suspects Cora has a secret. If she can get past criminals, cops and Fred & Ginger, maybe Cora can convince her mom to stop leaving them.

Do you already know what the next book is about?

Yes, book two is well underway. Let’s assume Cora and Babs are all okay after the first book (no spoilers here, right? But calling it a series basically implies the main characters do not die in book one. Just saying). While Cora is in gym, someone sneaks a mysterious package in her backpack. She plans to open it perfectly carefully at home with the proper scissors and everything but when she gets home, the package is gone. The next day, another package gets into her bag. What is going on?